Step Strong Life Coaching

Dr. Cristie Glasheen at Step Strong Life Coaching provides evidence-based motivational interviewing and solution-focused coaching to help you step through life with confidence and success.

Step Strong Confidence Coaching

Overwhelmed by stress, worry, or fear? Does a lack of confidence get in the way of reaching your goals? Dr. Cristie knows how that feels. After struggling for years with anxiety she found a way off the self-doubt treadmill. Now she helps others find their way to reach their goals and live confident, authentic lives.

Step Strong Academic Coaching

With a Master's Degree and Ph.D., Dr. Cristie knows what it's like to work hard at balancing school, personal, and professional life. As one of the few academic coaches with advanced degrees, she is uniquely positioned to help you reach your scholastic potential.

I am Dr. Cristie Glasheen.

I'm stepping strong through life. Living with confidence, joy, daring, and authenticity. Are you with me?