About Dr. Cristie Glasheen

What is Stepping Strong?

Stepping Strong

  • Stepping strong means waking up every day, knowing you can handle whatever hurdles life puts in your way.
  • Stepping strong means leaving self-doubt behind.
  • Stepping strong means having confidence without arrogance.
  • Stepping strong means knowing your value and having the self-assurance to stand up for yourself.
  • Stepping strong is walking through life with the passion and tools to succeed.
  • Stepping strong means seeing yourself for the miracle that you are; loving who you are; and celebrating your unique contributions to this world.
  • Stepping strong means knowing how to right the course when things go off track.
  • Stepping strong means handling stress, anxiety, and fear in a healthy, productive way.
  • Stepping strong means knowing who you are. The genuine you. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions. And using this knowledge to be the captain of your life.

“Cristie is a great listener, and gives intelligent advice and experienced wisdom. In the time I spent with Cristie, I’ve been promoted at work and seen a noticeable increase in my quality of life.” – Josh, 2016

About Dr. Cristie Glasheen

Dr. Cristie Glasheen Laughing

I’m Dr. Cristie Glasheen—somewhat geeky, often irreverent, and always pleased to meet you.

I was bullied in middle-school. I was told I was ugly, hated, and worthless. I was always a sensitive child, and this bullying, coupled with the loss of my father, left me filled with self-doubt and loathing. By the time I got to college, I found myself in an abusive relationship. Eventually, I escaped that relationship. But when I went to grad school the pressure proved too much for me. During the comprehensive exams my anxiety went into overdrive, and I broke down into tears. That’s when I realized things had to change.

It was a slow road, but I found a mentor who helped me begin my own personal journey to walking with confidence. With her guidance, I was able to finish my PhD and begin living an authentic life. Inspired by the experience with my mentor, I became a professional Life Coach—working to help people like you follow their own path to stepping strong.

These days, when I’m not coaching or conducting research, I’m continuing my coaching education; maintaining my vegetable garden and small orchard; and, best of all, spending time with my life-partner and our three rescued dogs and two rescued cats.

Education and Training

Past experience is great, but you may be wondering what makes me the right coach for you. Unlike many coaches, I’ve completed extensive relevant training. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University at Albany, SUNY; and finished additional graduate level coursework in Learning and Memory and Attitudes and Social Cognition.

Following that, I completed a master’s degree in public health from Saint Louis University, where I took relevant coursework in Health Behavior and Health Education. Then went on to earn a Ph.D. in psychiatric epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh. Today, when I’m not coaching, I work for an international non-profit, conducting public health research.

In 2014, I made my coaching official and founded Step Strong Life Coaching. Believing deeply in continuing development, I’ve completed additional coaching training and am a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach.

“Dr. Cristie was excellent to work with and talk to. She listens with an open mind doesn’t talk over you. She gave me new perceptions into an issue I was having and helped me to see that there was a better way to deal with it. She is kind, gentle and smart beyond her years! I will definitely see her again when the need arises!” – Helen, 2016

Working With Me

Telecphone Coaching

Telephone and Skype Based Coaching for Increased Privacy and Convenience.

People usually come to me for one of two reasons.

  • They are tired of living a partial life. Instead they want to live a life filled with confidence, joy, authenticity, and daring. They just feel that they are being held back by the scars of the past and are ready to move on.
  • They want to finish their degree, as quickly and as stress-free as possible, with their sanity intact.

If either of the above speaks to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you can expect from coaching:

Confidence Coaching

It’s been a long road since the embarrassment of bursting into tears during my exams. These days, I wake up every morning ready to step strong through life. And I want you to join me. I’ve analyzed the methods, skills, and techniques that have helped me repair the damage done by years of bullying, and I’ve put together a program to help people like you. I know what the scars of bullying feel like, and I don’t want you to feel that way for One. More. Minute.

Coaching is done over the phone, usually weekly sessions at first, then spaced out to an as-needed basis.

Confidence coaching can change your life!In the first few weeks of coaching, you’ll start to feel calmer, less stressed, and more capable of handling challenges. Early sessions teach you how to manage stress and challenge the negative thinking that is holding you back.

After about a month of coaching, you’ll find that you’re better at managing your emotions and have more confidence in your ability to navigate life. These coaching sessions focus on teaching you the link between thoughts, feelings, and actions. And you’ll learn how to change old patterns of beliefs and behavior.

After two months, you’ll discover that you have all the skills to work through the challenges you face. You will feel freer, and find that old wounds don’t have the power to hold you back like they used to. At this point, coaching sessions begin to spread out and focus on applying—reliably and consistently—the skills you’ve learned.

If you are ready to let go of self-doubt and the pain of bullying, click the big red button to schedule a free phone session with me to find out what I can do for you. You can pick any time that works best for you.

Click Here to Book a Free Sample Session with Dr. CristieIt’s easy. It’s quick. And best of all, it’s FREE! It’ll take just 30 minutes (that’s just 2% of your day). I call you and we chat. I give you some tools to start your own healing journey, so you can begin stepping strong. You can’t beat that with a wooden llama! And really, why would you want to 😉  ?

Academic Success Coaching

Let’s face it. Academia is a world unto itself. It’s got its own rules, its own customs, even its own language. Navigating it all can be overwhelming. You have to deal with classes, course schedules, studying, grades, professors. And eventually, you’ll need to figure out what you’re going to do when you graduate. And that’s just the undergraduate world!

And for those that go on to graduate school, there’s course work plus practicums, capstones, teaching requirements, theses, dissertations, work—and, for some, starting a family. And, if on top of all that you get a bad advisor, it can feel like it’s all just too much!

Fear not, I’ve been in the exact same place you’re in now, and I know that you can make it through with your sanity intact. Whether you are an undergraduate student trying to navigate an unfamiliar world or a seasoned student now thrust into the high-pressure world of grad school, I can teach you the skills to step strong into academic success.

Academic coaching is done over the phone, making it easy for you to work with me from anywhere.

Graduate Student SuccessSessions usually start out weekly. Within the first couple of weeks of coaching students start to feel less overwhelmed and more confident. They find that they’re able to work more efficiently and are able to optimize their day. Within the first month, students find that their stress decreases while their productivity increases.

Most undergraduate students complete coaching in about 6 weeks.

Most graduate students complete the main coaching program in about 8 weeks. Then, they continue coaching with monthly sessions. This continued coaching helps grad students develop the management skills, motivation, and productivity techniques they need to complete large projects like theses and dissertations.

Feel like you need the support but aren’t sure what I can really do for you? It’s easy to find out. Just schedule a free telephone-based sample session. It’s just 30 minutes and totally FREE. Just pick a time that works with your schedule, and I will call you.

Get ready to learn some things they don’t teach you in college! Just click on the big red button below.

Click Here to Book a Free Sample Session with Dr. Cristie

Still Have Doubts?

Maybe you aren’t certain if coaching is right for you or if this is the right time for you to start coaching. Maybe you aren’t sure I’m the right coach for you. Maybe you aren’t sure if you need a coach or a therapist. That’s ok. I can help you figure that out, just schedule a free sample session and I’ll take the time to answer all your questions, even the ones you might not know to ask. That’s what the session is for, to help you make an informed decision, without pressure or obligation.

But I’m Phone Phobic…

That’s ok too. I get that. I used to have a really hard time calling people I didn’t know (you should hear my story about pilot testing 100 telephone questionnaires in graduate school).

If it helps, the booking system is completely online. You just select a day/time and put in your phone number, and then I do the rest of the work. I will call you and we chit chat until you start to feel more at ease.

If talking over the phone still seems like too much, you can email me at lifecoaching@stepstrong.net and we can strike up a conversation via email.

  “And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time.”
― Libba Bray, The Sweet Far Thing

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